Video of Manchester United Fans Applauding Jose Mourinho after loss to Spurs.

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28th August, 2018

It was a totally surprising gesture and very much unlike Jose Mourinho.

The match between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs had just ended in an unexpected 0-3 debacle for his team.

Instead of the manager going to the dressing room, he took a walk to the side of the stadium where the ManU fans were sitting in desolation and simply started clapping for them in appreciation.

That gesture was replied in kind as the fans applauded the manager in return.

Even though many people have read different meanings into this gesture, the fact remains that Jose Mourinho made himself proud by that simple gesture.

He decided to go and appreciate those faithful fans who made up theirminds to remain till the end of the match as many others had left in anger. Jose Mourinho was unusually humble on this occasion and that is a big plus for him whether his critics like it or not.

Let’s take a look at the video in question.

This gesture should serve as a lesson to all those who have been on the wrong side of this manager.

Kudos to Jose Mourinho.