Uneekomunikations – Transmission and Commission Things.

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18th May, 2018

I wish to apologize to all those friends and visitors of this website who waited day long for me to transmit the usual commissions of the website as we are used to. I am sorry to have kept you transmitting, ehm sorry, commissioning, ehm sorry waiting.

However, the problem with the transmission started in Kano when I transported myself to an occasion where the transmission became a transition that almost led someone to transitioning in the public glare of a crowd of commissioners of transmissions.

Ehhm, sorry sir, that is not what I meant to transmit. There was a cobweb transition, sorry, transmission that translated the cobweb transaction, ehm I am sorry, the transaction which transmitted myself to commission myself in a transmittable manner and eventually transmitted me in Kano was commissioned by the transmitted commission that I transmitted myself into. Ehmm, soorry, just watch the video before I bite my mouth.


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