Uneekomunikations – Tonto Dikeh was a Born Again Christian Before Becoming An Actress.

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Nigeria’s popular actress Tonto Dikeh was a born-again Christian before she got herself involved in the acting profession. This much was revealed by the actress herself as she explained away her new found passion for philanthropy.

In a recent interview, she said; 

“Before I got into the entertainment business I used to be so born again. I was a member of a church that was big on giving. I got that doctrine from there and I have been running with it for so long.

“I’m actually known as a very strong woman. That is something I strive so hard to maintain. I would love people to see the better side of me, more of the philanthropist side of me. Because that’s my passion, my life.”

However unlike in the recent past following the breakdown of her marriage to her estranged husband, Churchill Olakunle, the well-known Nollywood diva is no longer forth-coming about giving out personal details to the public.

She however revealed that she was not too comfortable with the way her former husband handled the the narrative concerning their failed marriage.

She had this to say on the issue;

“At first it bothered me a lot, it was killing me,” she said. “But then I got to a point where I realized that nobody cares about me or the situation that happened in my home asides from me.

“Everything that I’m doing out there is for their entertainment, nobody really cares about that. What I went through, I went through. I’m not about to validate my past pain to anybody.

“I’m about moving forward and dumping every weight that has held me backwards for a very long time and being as successful as I can. Whether you believe me or not, it does not matter.”

She however was happy to have granted some of the interviews she did because it eventually helped other victims of domestic violence to speak out on their ordeals.

Tonto also disclosed that she has not thrown away the decision to take her ex-husband to court as she is still very much working on it.