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The issue of weight loss and how best to go about it is not only an ageless one but also one that is not about to abate just now. Despite the fact that there are many solutions being provided all over the place, more and more people are falling into the category of “obese” people. That naturally brings us to the question: “Why are more people becoming obese despite the myriad of “solutions” available for this challenge?

Research has shown that the major reason among others is the fact that so many of the affected people are always on the look-out for magic wands instead of patiently following a realistic program to solve this problem. Many of such people want to get a tablet that suddenly make them to lose 50 kg of body weight in 24 hours. Of course one does not need a prophet to know that this is very impossible.

It is because this category of people that some “weight-loss entrepreneurs” are springing up all over the place with promises of helping them to lose weight with their various magic wands in form of “extreme fast weight-loss solutions” ranging from herbal remedies to “magical” tablets produced specially to burn fats “very fast”.

There are also some others such as cream-like, or clear liquid preparations that one is supposed to apply on the skin that would penetrate through the epidermis and melt away trouble areas. And others still are stronger medications that are supposed to speed up your metabolism, helping you burn off unwanted calories even as you sleep. With so many “magic solutions” in the market, it is very easy to get lost in the promises of instant thinness. The question however remains “do they really work as promised?”

The fact remains that some of these solutions do actually work but that also depends on certain factors. People are not all the same. We are all built differently – internally and externally. Exactly the same way that some of us have brown hair while others have black hair; people have varying internal constitutions and outward appearances. This means that your metabolism differs greatly from that of all the other people in this planet. The time it takes for you to shed off excess adipose tissue is also unique, as with what kind of food makes you gain weight fast. 

To be continued in the next article.

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