Uneekomunikations – Real Madrid F.C. vs Barcelona F.C. Match Result

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23rd December, 2017

This is one of the things that make the “fake football fans’ hate F.C. Barcelona. No matter what your enemy has done to you, do not flatten him or her in your anger! We earlier complained about your 8-0, 10-0 results in matches and you listened. You even started losing matches against some mediocre teams to make us happy.

Now, what on earth would make you go to a whole back to back Champions’ League and Club World Champions’ Winners’s home ground to defeat them not by a solitary goal but by three unreplied goals? 

If that is not wickedness of the highest order, what exactly is that supposed to be? 3-0 fa! Haba, Barca. You need to show small respect now. 3-0 is simply tooooo much!

That means if you had gotten Coutinho, things would have been very much worse! We are going to ensure you don’t get him or any other good player. Haba?

You need to start learning how to give some respect to World Champions or else we will have to ensure you only play against National Teams from henceforth. Even then, we know that not all of them will accept to play against you so as to avoid “national disgrace”.

Messi and his brothers, a word is enough for the wise. Do not blame referees when they start awarding penalties against you from the mid-field soon. Haba?