Uneekomunikations – #Peoples’President Of Nigeria.

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1st February, 2018

I am no longer understanding my Nigerian people. Where has common sense gone to? Is it so difficult to understand that Mr. A has no right whatsoever to demand that Mr. B foots the bills of his (Mr. A’s) business?

As a farmer, I get to cultivate my land in the hope of getting produce to sell to make money. As a herdsman, I get to raise cattle in order to sell them later to make money. Why then must the farmer pay for my own business at his own peril by allowing my cattle to destroy his own crops? Would it be normal for the farmer to kill the herdsman’s cattle in order to grow his own business? My people really need to grow up.

Every businessman is expected to pay the cost for doing business and not expect another person to foot his bill. As for those who are fueling these innocent killings presently going on all over Nigeria, I have news for you all.

Whether you believe in God or not, I decree that your generations will forever know no peace or happiness or even good health in their lives, in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ and in sha Allah. You yourselves will die like dogs in the public no matter how highly placed or rich you are right now. The blood of the people you have helped to kill will forever pursue you till your death and transition to Hell. May you from this day know no joy, peace or good health. May you run when no one pursues and may you henceforth become enemies with sleep.

Finally, I ask my people to change their way of praying to God. You need to make prayers that will bring the roof down when demons knock at your door. Demons do not understand soft prayers. They are like goats. If you do not whip them properly, they will never understand your instructions and you will continue to suffer in silence.

 We must not continue to allow demons to tie down the progress of this otherwise great nation. A word is enough for the wise.


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