Uneekomunikations – #People’s President of Nigeria.

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23rd January, 2018

If I were to be the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I would have classified the Herdsmen’s attacks on farms across the country as an affront on my person and worse still an attempt to destroy my promise to the people of the country to diversify the nation’s economy using Agriculture as a major base for that.

Of course, there can be no break-through in Agricultural Revolution if the Cows and the Herdsmen keep destroying the farm produce and worse still, kill the farmers who are partners in my Revolution in that sector.

By the way, why must the so-called Herdsmen suddenly choose farms for grazing their cattle when there are enough wild virgin land all over the country? And who gave them permission to carry sophisticated weapons to graze their cattle? That alone disqualifies them as Herdsmen. Only terrorists carry guns illegally and move around a country.

Taking all of the above points into consideration, I will start suspecting the so-called herdsmen as terrorists in disguise who are only carrying out a dangerous survey of Nigeria’s towns and cities for a possible external aggression plan. That automatically means there is a need to ban open grazing since it has become a National Threat to the security of Nigeria as a whole.

Nigeria had always had Fulani Herdsmen but they never carried sophisticated ammunition while grazing their cattle and did not have to destroy farms and kill farmers in their grazing exercises. That should automatically mean that these so-called “Herdsmen” are not Nigerians and are therefore illegal aliens as well as dangerous terrorists who must be dis-armed immediately and deported from Nigeria before they systematically take over the governance of this nation.