Uneekomunikations – #Peoples’ President Of Nigeria#

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22nd December, 2017

As the Peoples’ President of Nigeria, I will ensure that the current fuel crisis is not just nipped in the bud now but will also put measures in place to ensure they never occur again.

I will ensure that each truck that loads fuel from the depots have their details, destination and so on announced daily on major television and radio stations across Nigeria. They will be followed by special military monitoring teams to their destinations. Before their arrival, there shall be at least two plain clothes SS men waiting to confirm delivery and sales of the fuel.

Both the military convoys and the SS men will report to me directly. They shall also right at the beginning of the exercises sign a letter of instant dismissal from office if found colluding with the companies they are monitoring in any way.

On the other hand, they will get extra remunerations if found to have dutifully performed their tasks. This money shall come from fines imposed on erring fuel marketers.

Erring fuel marketers shall be fined the total cost of the fuel loaded from the depots if found wanting in any way. They shall also have their licences suspended for nothing less than six months.

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