Uneekomunikations – Lionel Messi is better than Maradona says Argentina’s President.

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26th January, 2018

Lionel Messi is in the news once again. And for the umpteenth time, the news about him are very positive.

Before now, many great footballers like Xavi, Rossi, Hazard and some others have declared him the best footballer of his generation when compared with Cristiano Ronaldo. The question then shifted to a comparison between him and other great footballers before him such as Pele, Maradona and so on.

When other people sing your praise, you can be sure that you are truly great because that is a very rare accomplishment. When colleagues sing your praise, you are surely an accomplished great person. When the President of your country joins in singing your praise, you are simply very close to heaven.

And that is what happened to the person of Lionel Messi just a few hours back as the President of his country,  Argentine president Mauricio Macri declared that he (Messi) is better than another Argentinian football star in person of Diego Armando Maradona.

The President made this statement during his diplomatic visit to Russia before the World Cup as he was asked about his thoughts on football and ultimately about the issues of who is better between the two football legends from his country.

Just before you start talking about the fact that he is likely a novice in football matters, please be informed that President Mauricio Macri is an experienced figure in football, having previously been President of Boca Juniors of Argentina. This is part of what he had to say; 

“I have decided and Lionel Messi is better than Diego Maradona,” he told Russian RT television.

“It’s much harder to be the best at this time than in the past, primarily because the game is played in a different
way and different style”.


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