Uneekomunikations – House-Helps Turned Robbers.

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22nd November, 2017

The prevailing harsh economic condition in Nigeria has surely come along with a whole lot of abnormalities including criminal activities of all sorts and shapes.

The latest one is that of House Helps suddenly turning into robbers at their work places. Some of them were recently apprehended and paraded before the public by the police in Lagos.

One of the suspects who goes by the name Peter Odoh narrated how he drugged his boss, Dr Kalu Idaika, with a cup of coffee, then led his gang to rob him over alleged non-payment of a month salary of N60,000 in Iju, a suburb of Lagos.

Odoh told newsmen: “I was employed eight months ago as a cook. I met Samuel about five months ago at Iju area of Lagos. He was the one that sold the injection I used to sedate my boss. “On the day of the operation, I was sleeping alongside with the gateman, when the gang members were carrying out the operation, so they won’t know that I masterminded the robbery attack. We stole N300,000 and a phone.” 

The only girl among the suspects, 20-year-old Joy, narrated her own story this way: “It was Samuel, my brother, that got me involved. He introduced me to Sunday Emma. “I came to Lagos last year and work as a casual worker before Sunday asked me to work for my Madam. “He complained that the woman is very wicked and that she maltreated the other maid that worked with her by seizing all her belongings and the money she paid the maid for the five months she worked for them.”

Sunday Emmanuel confirmed the fact that he planted Joy in her employer’s house for the operation. This what he had to say about the issue; “I was the one that planted Joy in the employer’s house, where we were supposed to operate on a later date. “I was not part of the first operation. I haven’t done it before; I work at Ikoyi as a cook. I want her to rob the woman because she had been wicked to the other house help I sent to her.”  

One other suspect, Samuel Ogana, was in charge of supplying  the drugs they use in their operations. He said: “They wanted drugs that make people to sleep. I sold the drugs to them. After the operation, they called me and paid me N50,000 for the drugs they bought.”