Uneekomunikations – 15-Year-Old Housewife Kills Her Daughter.

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9th May, 2018

Yes, you read that right! A 15-Year-Old “Housewife”!

That is how far the society has degenerated over the years especially in the Northern Nigerian region. I do not know how a child is expected to perform the role of a mother without such disastrous consequences.

However before I digress from the story, here is what transpired,

 A 15-year-old housewife, Fatima Adamu and her ex-lover, Usman Mohammed, of Egbati village in the Agaie Local Government Area of the state have been arrested by the Police in Niger State for the murder of her daughter simply identified as Hauwa.

The duo conspired to kill the innocent child by preparing a concoction which they then fed to her and which as they planned, resulted in the death of the five-year-old kid.

Investigations showed that after allegedly killing Hauwa, the heartless couple dumped the girl’s corpse in a nearby bush. It was also gathered that some of her body parts were missing as at the time the corpse was discovered.

The suspect confessed to committing the crime in an interview on Tuesday stating that she poisoned the minor with the cooperation of her ex-boyfriend who prepared the concoction that was administered on the little kid.

“I purposely killed my step-daughter because I didn’t like her, she irritated me a lot; I planned with Mohammed to poison her to death,” she confessed.

The suspect added, “I just woke up one morning to take her life and I cannot tell what had come over me to kill an innocent child that had not offended me in any way. May Allah forgive me; it is the worst offence against humanity. “

Her lover, Mohammed also admitted participating in the killing of the girl, saying ‘I have ruined my life.’

Mohammed said, “I prepared the poison which I gave to Adamu to kill the girl. I regret my action.”

The Niger State police spokesman, Muhammad Abubakar, said the suspects confessed to the crime during police interrogation.

He then said the couple would be arraigned in court after investigation.