Tips On How To Cure Acne Naturally.

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20th November, 2018

In this post, we take a look at a health challenge that is becoming somewhat more common in the society and look at various natural ways of handling it. That health challenge is Acne.

Acne is generally a disorder of the skin which affects teens and adults. It is a challenge associated with the pores and characterized by the presence of blackheads, white heads and “zits”.

While there are a lot of drug prescriptions available to get rid of acne, this post is for people who wish to know about ways to cure acne naturally without spending so much money on buying chemical drugs every now and then.

Here Are Some Tips On How to Cure Acne Naturally:

• Olive Oil – this has the best moisturizing quality that softens the skin to get rid of acne. Add olive oil and lemon juice in a bowl and stir. Put a drop of the mixture on the fingertips, place on the acne area and massage. Leave it for a few minutes and use warm water to rinse.

• Tomato and Cucumber – these are combined to create a face mask mixture which is applied to the face that causes pores to tighten, and is good in curing acne naturally. Tomato has natural bleach and cucumber contains natural antioxidants, both can make skin blemish-free. Blend cucumber and tomato, pat the mixture over the acne area, leave it on for fifteen minutes and rinse off.

• Honey – this is known to have disinfectant qualities and is used in curing acne naturally. Take a few drops of honey on your finger and dab it on the acne surface for about twenty to thirty minutes. Do this treatment before going to bed. This will keep the face moisturized and also reduce scars.

• Baking Soda – this is an effective home remedy to get rid of acne. Baking soda does not contain harsh chemicals and is a readily available ingredient. In treating acne with baking soda, you must pour three tablespoons of the powder into a teaspoon of water and mix them together (make sure it is not too thick or diluted). Apply it on your moistened face in a circular motion. Let it stay for one minute, and then rinse with water.

• Water – drinking plenty of water will have a good effect on your body and skin. The body needs to be hydrated and ideally you should drink six glasses of water each day, and avoid drinking sodas filled with sugar.

• Ice Cubes – the ice cubes helps in soothing the red patches and reduce the swelling of acne. Apply an ice cube on the acne surface and make a small massage to it.

• Yogurt – to keep your skin acne-free, mix a cup of plain yogurt and half a lemon juice. Apply this mixture on the acne area before going to bed, and you can leave the excess mixture in the fridge. The effects should be noticeable in a few weeks.

On a general note, a very good way of staying away from Acne and related skin diseases is to be hygienic in your body; keep your skin clean and visiting the dermatologist also won’t hurt.

There are other great ways in curing acne naturally, and whichever method you use for it, keep in mind that getting rid of acne requires persistence and unchanging efforts.