The Truth about the Nigerian Situation Today.

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16th August, 2018

This post is for all those of you out there who just hear about Nigeria on radios and television especially in the Western Media and makeup your minds on who Nigerians are. Today in this post, I want to simply show you a bit of the real Nigerian Youth that some of our elders call Lazy Youth.

While the so-called shameless elders are busy disgracing the nation on a daily basis with their embarrassing acts home and away, the youth is working on the country’s future. Take a look at the photo below and see an example from the so many that exist in various parts of the country where there is still relative peace.

Does this look like the product of a “Lazy” Youth? What percentage contribution did the government make in the production of this bike? I can bet you they do not even know anything about its existence.

Please share if you can. Let’s enlighten the world about the youth in this country called Nigeria.

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