The Premier League Makes Champions League History.

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9th May, 2019

Despite its high popularity and follower-ship as a result of good marketing strategies, the Premiership watched in pain over the years as its teams under-performed at the European Champions League Competition.

But now, the jinx has finally not just been broken but in a very special way as two of its teams will be playing against each other for the very first time ever at the very final match of this year’s edition of the European Champions League.

The only regret in all of this is the fact that the final match will be played away from home – in Spain.

This miracle would have been real perfect if the finals of this year’s competition had been slated for the Webley.

What a befitting show that would have been!

Yes, after the miracle at the Anfield where Liverpool unbalanced Barcelona, Tottenham Hotspurs axed Ajax out of the Champions League Competition on Wednesday to put the icing on the cake for the Premier League teams.

P.E Nation

Very few people had believed in an all Premiership teams final in the European Champions League before now but that is exactly what is going to happen in just a few weeks from today.

Lest We forget, Tottenham Hotspurs on Wednesday defeated Ajax away from home by 3 solid goals to 2 after trailing by two goals down in the first half making a total of three goals as a result of their 1-0 loss at home in the first leg.

Three goals down on aggregate as the beginning of the second half, Tottenham achieved what they could not for 135 minutes of both legs in just 45 minutes of the second half as one man ran riot on the Ajax defence by scoring a hat-trick. That man goes by the name Lucas Moura.

Even more interesting is the fact that he scored the winning goal with the very last kick of the match thereby igniting wild celebrations form the team’s bench and its fans all over the world while the home side and its fans were thrown into a confused and mourning mood right in their very own backyard.

Kudos to Tottenham Hotspurs, Liverpool and the British Premier League.

Maybe with some serious pleading and some maneuvers, the European Football Authorities may just accept to move the final match of this year’s European Champions League Competition to Wembley.

That surely would be a befitting conclusion to this year’s competition.

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