The People of Argentina Protest Against IMF Loan Plan By Government

22nd July, 2018

This scenario in the photo above happens only countries where the people know their rights and trust in the ability of their Judiciary to protect them in such situations as the need arises.

Well here in my own country which was named Nigeria by one Oyinbo woman after taking a good dose of Wine, things do not work exactly that way and so my people too have adjusted their own way of reacting to issues like the one in Argentina.

After all, Switzerland recently decided that this “tricky period” just before the next elections is the best time to return the Abacha loot that they have been holding on to since time immemorial.

As a Nigerian Adage has it, “An Owl cried in the night. Later in the morning a death was reported in the same neighbourhood. Who does not know that the owl’s cry the night before ha something to do with the following Morning’s event?”

Is it still a surprise that there was enough money to “buy Ekiti”?

What has been my people’s response to all of these generally? Something like this;

But can you really blame them?

Yes of course! What are they afraid of?