Serena Williams Pleased With Her Progress At The 2018 Wimbledon Competition

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15th July, 2018

Despite losing out in the final match of the 2018 Wimbledon Tennis Grand Slam Competition, against Angelique Kerber, Tennis Diva Serena Williams has described her performance at the competition as a ” a great encouragement”.

Of course for a woman who gave birth only a few months back, getting to the finals of a great competition like the Wimbledon Grand Slam is no child’s play and is surely worth emulation.

Serena Williams was surely not at her best in the game as she lost out in a 3-6, 3-6 defeat but declared that she was encouraged to be in the finals of such a competition just a few months after the birth of her daughter Alexis Olympia in September.

Here is how she described the whole experience in her own words;

“These two weeks were so mental for me,” she said. “I won matches. I was really mentally fighting for literally every match. I did the best that I could in every match that I played. I feel like I am taking the steps in the right direction. I took a giant step at Wimbledon.

“This is literally just the beginning. My journey has just begun, but I think these two weeks have really showed me that I can compete – and that I can come out and be a contender to win grand slams.”

Daughter Olympia and Daddy Alexis were as expected on hand to root for Mummy Serena.

So what next now?

Serena Williams promised to put up a much better performance next month at the US Open. In her own words;

“I am already deciphering what I need to improve on, what I need to do, what I did wrong, why I did it wrong, how I can do better – that whole madness that goes on in my mind. Then I’m saying, OK, I do improve with losses. We’ll see how it goes.”

When a reporter decided to ask her what she would tell her daughter about the time she played tennis in front of the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex, and make it a happy story, she put on a charming smile and said;

 “Well, I think it was a happy story,” Williams said. “But I’ll probably change the ending.”

“Correct Mommy”, I dare say.





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