Rihanna’s Post On George Floyd’s Murder By US Police Officer

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31st May, 2020

Friends, today is no time for Sports and Entertainment. It is time to stand up for Humanity, Justice and Human Rights everywhere in the world, be it for Blacks, Hispanics, Coloured, Whites, Rohingyas and every other kind of human beings.

We all know about what happened to George Floyd a few days ago in the United States and its aftermath. It has been long coming. This was just the tip of the Ice Berg.

However, in this post, I want to give very BIG KUDOS to a lady I have always respected despite her few short-comings – RIHANNA the DIVA and SEX GODDESS herself. What she posted on this topic is simply revealing on who the real Rihanna is.

I do not wish to speak for her here. I do not need to.

Right here below is what she posted regarding this issue on Facebook which I stumbled upon just a few minutes ago.

Please judge for yourselves. Here we go;

“For the last few days, the magnitude of devastation, anger, sadness I’ve felt has been overwhelming to say the least! Watching my people get murdered and lynched day after day pushed me to a heavy place in my heart! To the point of staying away from socials, just to avoid hearing the blood curdling agony in George Floyd’s voice again, begging over and over for his life!!! The look of enticement, the pure joy and climax on the face of this bigot, murderer, thug, pig, bum, Derek Chauvin, haunts me!! I can’t shake this! I can’t get over an ambulance pulling up to an arrest, a paramedic checking a pulse without removing the very thing that’s hindering it! Is this that fucking normal??? If intentional MURDER is the fit consequence for “drugs” or “resisting arrest”….then what’s the fit consequence for MURDER???!” #GeorgeFloyd #AhmaudArbery #BreonnaTaylor

Friends, can I say more?

Rihanna is simply on point! I had thought I am the most devastated person as far as this incidence was concerned but now, I know I am in very good company.

Thanks to Rihanna and all those people who have responded to it so far in various ways.

I hereby call on all Americans of Goodwill to rise up this moment to save America from a possible somersault on the world scene. America is presently in REAL DANGER!

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