Pele’s Criticism Of Messi Has Surely Messed Up His Career

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10th December, 2018

It is so appalling how some old men who should be quietly resting and bringing up the young ones tend to prefer to indulge themselves in disgraceful acts these days.

If it is not a Maradona disgracing himself by making unguarded statements while messing up everywhere he shows up, it is a Pele who used to command a lot of respect in football circles but has decided to mess all of that up with some real stupid utterances about contemporary soccer stars.

The most recent of this is his criticism of Lionel Messi and his style of play. It gets worse when one considers the fact that the two are not in any way competing against each other. And this is where Messi will always be better than all the host of “have been there”s.

He never talks negative about his competition but concentrates on how to get better.

Pele who played when there was no iota of technology talk less of the do or die attitude of defenders of these days is busy running his mouth because of a few years of active football when football was not even held in the esteem nature as it is now and the competition was far less and surely not half as good as what we presently have on display.

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If his old age is causing him to feel on top of the world, he should know that he is only destroying the respect that many people like me had for him and his exploits in those good old days.

He should follow the examples of the great footballers of his – the Beckenbauers, Cruyffs, Socratis, and a whole lot of them who have remained gentlemen till this day.

Pele as far as I am concerned, is a lonely man looking for cheap popularity. I just hope there is no serious underlying sickness pushing him into such disgraceful stunts.

His statement in this particular matter smells of “Kwarshiokor of the Medulla Oblongata” for sure.

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