Paul Pogba is very welcome to Barcelona F.C. – Gerald Pique.

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27th August, 2018

Some people will just not let Mourinho and Manchester United be. As if the manager does not have enough headaches to handle, people keep trying to raise his blood pressure at every available possibility.

Just when things seem to be calming down at the club and preparations are on-going to find a way past Tottenham Hotspurs in the all-important Premier League game this evening, distractions are flying around again.

This time around, all the way from Catalonia, the base of the dreaded Barcelona F.C. and the man behind all that is none other than Gerald Pique.

Reports have it that the Barcelona defender is saying that the team will be very happy to have Paul Pogba join them.

That is the problem with Barca. Family Spirit.

When they are interested in a player, they don’t leave the matter to their management alone but virtually everybody in the team goes all out to try to convince the target player to come over and join them.

We have not forgotten in a hurry how they did same with Coutinho so much so that the guy just could not close his eyes without seeing Barcelona in his dreams. Now, he is there with them.

This time around, their attention has shifted to Pogba and they are trying their utmost best to “turn” him. Especially now that it is no secret that there is no love lost between the player and his manager at Old Trafford.

Even when Barcelona’s Manager, Ernesto Valverde has refused to discuss issues concerning a possible signing of the player, Pique has decided to “open the door” to the issue.

“I know very little of what is happening in Manchester, the relationship that exists [between Pogba and Mourinho],” said Pique. He then went on to say:

“Pogba is a very good player, but a Manchester United player right now, and we will see in the future if anything happens.

“We would be happy to have him here, but Manchester United is his club and, if someone has to say something, it must be them.”

LaLiga’s transfer window closes on Friday and so Barcelona has very little time left to perform their magic if they really plan to land Pogba in this period. For now, that surely looks very unlikely and they may just have to wait till the next window to try again.