One Of The Reasons Why Nigeria Continues To Be A Poor Country.

14th November, 2018

If anyone has been wondering why Nigerians are among the poorest people in the world, we are glad to help them understand the reason in this short post. All the person need do is to simply take a good look at the photo right below and judge for himself or herself.

This is a country where not less than 87% of its citizens live on less than a dollar, yes less than $1 a day.

A country where Pensioners are dying on queues while hoping to be paid gratuities and pensions on a daily basis.

A country where many workers are being owed as much as ten or more months’ salaries.

A country where many state governors claim there are no financial resources to pay workers as little as #18 000 (some $55) minimum wage per month. I can go on and on but why waste your precious time?

So Friends, what do you make of such a country and its leaders especially?