Nigerian Reggae Legend Ras Kimono is Dead.

10th June, 2018

The Nigerian Entertainment Industry today lost one of its rare gems in person of Ras Kimono, a Reggae Legend. The artist whose real names are Ekelek Elumelu  reportedly died on Sunday in a Lagos hospital after a brief illness. He was aged 60.

The reggae star  in a recent interview was quoted as saying that he had been a vegetarian for over 37 years and neither smoked nor drank alcohol.

“I have never smoked and I don’t drink alcohol. I tell people I have been a vegetarian for 37 years. Even when my friends were having sex with two girls at the same time in those days, I didn’t join them. I have never done what these girls and boys call threesome despite being famous and I am sure there are other people who have never done that too, he reportedly said.

“When people attribute recklessness to youthful exuberance, I get worried because I once passed through that stage too. I believe it is all about your upbringing. The fact that you are young doesn’t mean you should be wayward.”

Speaking about his unwillingness to change his music to appeal to a younger audience, Kimono stated, “I have been playing reggae music for years and I don’t plan to change my style or dilute it. Those who want to listen will surely do. The truth is that you can force a horse to the river, but you can’t force it to drink from it. We still have a lot of youths who know my value. I don’t believe that all the youths are senseless.

“I believe two million youths out of five million youths know the difference between good and bad. If I had changed my style, I would probably not be here talking to you. I am certain the media would have crucified me that I did it for the love of money. My brand of music has kept me alive and still makes me relevant.”

We at the Uneekomunikations pray for the repose of the soul of this rare gem and Reggae Legend.