Mother of SS2 student who raped a 3-year-old child defends him.

13th July, 2018

The Mother of a 15-year-old SS2 Student who raped a 3-year-old child, has been exposed by a Nigerian doctor who recounted her statement over the incident.
According to the Nigerian doctor @deekachy_md, disclosed that the mother of the SS2 student defended him by saying ‘he is just a child and doesn’t know what he is doing’.

Right here below is the Doctor’s narrative of the incident;

The last time I received a slap that sound, I was in SS2. It was mum. This time my Slapper was 3. She was my patient.
I was trying to examine her ‘area’. I looked up in shock, then I met her eyes. I shivered. One act of abuse had scarred yet another. How? 

A typical clinic day. In walked She, mum and aunt. Her Shiny black skin and full natural hair caught my eye. She was 3.
Didn’t look sick at all. “Hey there happy Girl,Welcome, What brings you to the clinic today?”, I started with a smile. One that soon turned sour
What she said hit me and suddenly made me reach for my Zobo bottle. All that Glucose would come in handy. “Come again please”, I said “E rapeuru ya yesterday” (She was raped yesterday).

Silence. I looked at the Barbie. “Who did that Ma’am?” “My neighbour’s son”

She went on to narrate.

She was in the Kitchen, Had no idea neighbour had lured baby out. She innocently went because he is Bro X. Next thing she knew baby ran in to narrate the experience in her own words. Neighbours are alerted, boy is queried, owns up, etc. “Where is he?
I noticed the other woman looked distraught. So I channeled the question to her. “He is at home. He is my son.
And I have punished him. He won’t try it again. He is just 15, He doesn’t know what he is doing” 

Next thing she said made me excuse her from my clinic. “I just want to confirm if she has infection,at least, let it be treated. At least, thank God he said he ‘did’ just small and came out.

It has not gotten to Police case. These are children” 15 years. SS2 student. Doesn’t know anything abi?

Dear Parents…. Is rape justifiable?

I will call her Nma. “Nma, I am sorry, I just want to check what Bro xxx did to you. Oya show me where he put it.” Her eyes were wide with fear. As she pulled her singlet to cover her ‘area’. “Don’t touch me. Mummy tell her not to touch me”, she cried. Mum had tears.
And it was at that moment of bending to examine her that I received the most deafening slap of my past decade. Next she grabbed the galipot containing swabs I was using to clean her and threatened to smash my head if I continued. She wouldn’t even let any male Doc near her.
“What happened”, I asked Nma “He lift his knicker. He lick my thing. Then he goan put his… thing (whispered), in my… thing (whispered). Then I told my mummy”.

I held back tears.
Her hymen was missing, she was bruised, and all the culprit’s mum’s concern was infection. 
I had a deep conversation with her mother, praised her for training her daughter enough to come to her with such info despite being threatened. Cautioned and counselled her on the dangers of ‘Unkuus and Antys’, cos even male children get abused. I also talked with Nma.
To the mother of the SS2 student I say, “Your son needs to come so we can question him and know the extent of what he did. I won’t be quick to throw blames at you. But you should never make excuses for your son’s wrong, being a minor doesn’t make his act less punishable by law”.

Nma’s case is just one of the many abuse cases that troop into the Children’s ER or clinic. And what baffles me is how readily parents are ready to try to patch the matter.

In Nma’s eyes, I saw a bruised woman. And I fear for her. She will need Therapy, love and Prayers.

Dear parents, sex education is underrated. Let them know their body parts. Let them know that no one is permitted to touch them there regardless of ties, blood or not. Be approachable. Train and discipline your children, Abusers of today were once children of yesterday.

Also, greater percentage of abusers remain family, friends and people who are close to you. Abuse cases are under reported. If you are old enough to hold up an erection and guide into a hole, you are old enough to face the law, maybe in varying degrees.

Rape is beyond the physical.
Finally, Nma’s parents want justice for their 3 year old daughter regardless. A fellow parent ‘wisely’ said, at least she is a small girl o, thank God. imagine if she was grown, we will also be worrying about pregnancy. 

What would you do if you were to be Nma’s parents? A young boy clever enough to rape a 3 year old, clean her up with tissue, cleaned himself and threatened to wound her if she told anyone. God save our children and this country.