#MiaKhalifa – The Babcock University Leaked Sex Video

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21st November, 2019

It is no longer news that a leaked sex video involving two Babcock University students have been trending on the Social Media for some hours now. What is news is the fact the two students have now been expelled.

This has naturally raised concerns as many people are asking if the decision by the University was the best one,especially when one takes into consideration that the young man involved was in a rehab and the young lady happens to be his girlfriend who was just doing him a favour he begged her for.

Then there is also the case of suspected blackmail as it is being rumoured that the guy who leaked the video did so because it was his phone that was used to do the recording and had asked for “payment” in form of having a go at the lady too.

This naturally was rejected by the lovers and that led to the whole shameful exposure.

Please watch the video at the link below and tell the world if it was worth being expelled for.

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