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28th August, 2020

By Editor-in-Chief, Hon. Kingsley Akpojiyovhi Ohwotemu Eseh.

It is no longer news that Barcelona’s captain and talisman, Lionel Messi has finally decided to leave his beloved club. A decision that has not gone down well with the teeming fans of the Catalonian football giants.

Just a few week’s back, one could have put his or her salary on the line to bet against such a move by “Merciless” Messi. It would have been simply unthinkable.

However, not everybody was taken unawares by the present move by the Argentinian football captain as there have been underlying issues that were pointing in the direction of such an event for at least a year now.

Lionel Messi of late has not failed to show his disappointment with the way the club is being run and has had some fall-outs with the club’s management on various issues at different times.

In this post however, I wish to take a look at the positive side of Messi’s decision and how it can be used to further push the world of soccer to even higher levels.

If the world heavyweights of football are observant enough, this is an opportunity to achieve the type of feat that will be difficult to equal for a long time to come in the football circle.

Has anyone imagined what it would be like to have a Messi / Ronaldo combination in a team like Juventus even if for one season?

And thereafter, a Messi move to Manchester City to play alongside Aguero and Sterling plus De Bruyne and others?

What about the possibility of watching a Messi, Neymar, Di Maria and Mbappe attacking line-up at PSG for just one season?

Honestly speaking, if I were to be in a position to advise Lionel Messi, I will ask him not to sign any contract that will keep him for more than a year at any club henceforth. It is his opportunity to prove his critics wrong by playing in the top 3 leagues in the next 3 years.

By the time he calls it quits with football, he would have broken far more records than most of his contemporaries as well as proved most of his critics wrong.

I honestly hope that someone somewhere will get this message across to Lionel Messi and the heavyweights of football transfer business. There is a whole lot of money and excitement to be made from this proposition if done correctly.

I rest my case.


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