Lionel Messi Tries To Help Ronaldinho Get Out Of Prison

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11th March, 2020

Lionel Messi hires lawyers and is ready to pay €4million in a bid to get Ronaldinho out of prison.

The Barcelona superstar is reportedly set to do his bit to get former team-mate Ronaldinho out of prison.

The Brazilian legend has been in police custody following a case of alleged passport fraud as he reportedly tried to get into Paraguay with a fake passport.

According to TeamTalk and various other sources today, Lionel Messi is now ready to try to help Ronaldinho by putting together a team of lawyers and paying as much as €4million to get the retired star out of prison…

Of course, this is another truly heartwarming gesture from Messi, who is well known for his off field philanthropist deeds and who must clearly still hold Ronaldinho in high regard.

The pair played together briefly at Barca when Messi was still coming through as a youngster, while Ronaldinho was perhaps the best footballer on the planet at that time.

The Argentine maestro is now one of the biggest names in the game, but it’s clear he’s a class act off the pitch too!

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