Lionel Messi and his loyalty to Barcelona can not be questioned in any way whatsoever

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9th September, 2019

In this article, we wish to take a look some issues relating to Lionel Messi and his ties to Barcelona as well as associated issues. Of course, it was like a bombshell to some people when Pique revealed an information most people never knew about – Messi’s freedom to leave Barcelona any time he deems it fit to do so.

But then, let’s start the whole issue from the beginning so as to lend some clarity to the whole thing

The last transfer window was something else altogether as it finally came to a desperate end, an ending we have all been yearning for since the never-ending soap opera drama surrounding Neymar and his possible return to the Camp Nou took off.

Eventually, all of the hullaballo came to a close and we can finally  sit back, breathe, and focus on the most important thing of all: football.

However, that is not about to happen as easily as we thought because  just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all and the storm looks to have settled in, something else hits us in between the eyes with an even bigger shock: Lionel Messi’s release clause and his possible exit at the end of the season.

As it stands right now, Messi is the only footballer right now in the world with the power to freely leave his club whenever he feels like it, just like the president of any country can freely decide at any given moment to send troops into battle.

This guy just cannot stop surprising everybody with his way of doing things on the field of play and off it. Messi has that kind of power and rightfully so after 15 years of magic, elevating the Catalan club to a different level of competitiveness.

We now know details that we were not privy to when he signed his latest contract with Barcelona. The Argentinian captain signed his last renewal deal in 2017, where his release clause leaped from 250 to 700 million euros.

Not news, right?

Well, what is news is the fact that on that same contract, there was a small detail that was never brought to light, which allows the footballer to walk away from the club whenever he wants.

It is a fact that this peculiar detail was never confirmed by the club until recently and it has people going into a frenzy with thoughts of Messi packing up his bags and leaving.

Is it now possible to believe the man that has it all, and is happiest at Camp Nou is possibly willing to just get up and say goodbye?

What he brings to Barcelona on and off the football field is remarkable and his past 15 years is just an example that proves his loyalty. Messi is not a clause, Messi is football and he breathes Barcelona and the Blaugrana colors more than the badge itself.

For those people who need any more confirmation of the captain’s love for his beloved home, here are some of the words he uttered from last year. “I don’t need to change. I am at the best team in the world. I don’t need to change teams or leagues to set new goals. I am at home, at the best club in the world and there is no need to change.” Convincing enough? I think so, for sure.

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