Latest Tools For Making Money Online In 2019

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11th June, 2019

As we all know too well, it is much more difficult these days to find ways of making money on the internet. All because of the fact that there are not just far more competitors trying to do same, but also a lot of scam products that promise heaven on earth just in order to defraud people.

For these and other related reasons, people are very careful with “Make Money Online” products and advertisements in modern times.

However, we all still need to find a way to make money from the comfort zones of our homes. That is why we need to scout for the few sincere and legitimate means of achieving our aim of earning some cash online.

That need led me to scout the internet regularly for reliable means of doing just that until I finally found and settled for a product which I am about to introduce to you in this articleAffiliate Bots 2.0.

When you take a cursory look at the name of this product, you will discover that it is an upgrade of a former product – Affiliate Bots. Of course, common sense (if it is actually common), demands that for one to purchase an upgrade of any product, it is very necessary to cross-check its earlier performance, right?

That is exactly what I did.

I then discovered that the original product – the Affiliate Bots reportedly sold 13, 400 units on Clickbank. Better still, it has sold 3,818 units in May, 2019 alone.

If a product is selling that well, there must be some cogent reasons for that. Naturally, I decided to check a few things out about this intriguing product and discovered the following facts;

The main product itself costs only $27 which seems like a bargain for access to some 37 bot tools which is broken down into the following groupings:

  • Brand new buyer bot tool
  • 8 x affiliate marketing tools for Clickbank, JVZoo and Warriorplus
  • Video creation tools
  • Website builder tools, and much more.

From all indications, the producers seem to have taken all the tools from Affiliate Bots 1.0, added another set of useful ones and repacked this into one package now called Affiliate Bots 2.0 at the same price point.

I found out that one of their ‘search engine tools’ actually allows you to search the top 100,000 sites online. See screenshot below;

From here you can then look and see if they have the following:

  • Are they a marketer, an affiliate or a list builder?
  • Are they using an API, RSS, Adsense?
  • Are they running PPC campaigns or display ads?
  • Are they an eCommerce store, are they using SEO?
  • Are they on social media or a news site?

You can then go on to view all the stats for each including profiles, domain ages, traffic stats etc.

All of that look quite impressive and given it costs only $27 you wouldn’t need to use something like Ahrefs and the rest. The only downside I observed here is that you are limited to the top 100k sites and of course everyone else who buys and uses Affiliate Bots 2 is going to be looking at the same data.

One other tool that really grasped my interest is the Web Widget which can be included in your website. Here below is a screen shot of what it looks like.

Using this feature, you can add the following features to your website;

  • Affiliate Referral Message
  • Repeat Visitor Coupons
  • Hot Visitor Coupons
  • Hot Visitor HTML
  • Ten minutes timer coupon
  • Time spent coupon
  • Compatible with popup (i.e. android phones only)
  • Geolocation text, images and html.

As you can see for yourself, above are pretty self explanatory and would be great for e-commerce stores.

However, the one I liked the most was the display coupon for 10 minutes at certain times. This allows you to create a coupon at say $20 off before 7pm which then expires for anyone visiting after 11pm local time..

One other “cool” widget available for use is the hot visitor html which allowed you to show specific code to specific users based on their IP location. This allows you to run custom pieces of content such as, ‘Limited time offer for Canadian shoppers.” You can go one better with the geo-location text and include right down to the specific city!

You are free to customize all aspects and then they give you a piece of code which you can implement onto your website, pretty nifty right?

That’s only the second of 37 tools. Remember the front end offer is only $27.

I can see value in this already even if you used just the one tool.

I can go and on about these advantages of the Affiliate Bots 2.0 but then time is not on our side for such rigmarole. Time they say is money.

I will instead advise you to get more information on these real thrilling and mouth-watering tools for yourself by clicking on the link below.

Get your copy of this product and make good use of it as fast as possible and your Bank Manager will surely be friendlier the next time you visit your bank.

See you at the very top.