I am staying at #Barcelona F.C. – #Ivan Rakitic.

26th August, 2018

For all those fans of Barcelona F.C. who have been worrying about the possibility of their beloved player, Ivan Rakitic being lured away from their darling team by the host of top clubs angling for his signature, they can now heave a sigh of relief at last.

The player was recently concretely linked to a €90million move to Paris Saint-Germain with the midfielder said to be interested in the prospect of joining the Ligue 1 champions and this caused some concern among the supporters of Barca.

This is no surprise of course as Rakitic is not just “any other” Barcelona player and the fans know this fact very well. He is an integral part of that very important part of the Barca setup – the midfield.

What with the departures of Xavi and Iniesta from that department, the team cannot afford losing another key member without serious repercussions.

However, much to the relief and joy of the teeming fans all over the world, Ivan Rakitic has finally come out to say that he is definitely remaining at Barcelona F.C.

The player broke his silence immediately after Barca’s 1-0 win over Real Valladolid on Saturday. He insisted that he has never had any doubts over his future and sees no reason to leave Camp Nou.

Ivan further went on to say:

“There has been a lot of talk, but it’s done. I’m going to stay here, with a huge amount of excitement,”

“Honestly, there is nothing better than defending this crest. I’ll give my best and that’s that.

“It’s been a few days of pressure but I’ve realised that the most beautiful thing is being in Barcelona and to keep going for everything. I’m happy and proud.”

“My family and I are very happy in Barcelona. I haven’t had doubts about my future. The most important thing is that I want to stay.

“For me, it’s a privilege to defend this crest. To be able to defend the shirt of this club is the greatest thing there is.

“No club could offer me what I have at Barcelona.”

Those words must have sounded like sweet music to the ears of the Barca Management and fans as they can now be rest assured there will be no unpleasant surprises as far as this rock solid midfielder’s future at the club is concerned.