I am not planning to go anywhere including Juventus – Marcelo.

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6th September, 2018

The world of football has surely taken a different turn in recent times. Some people can go to any length just to “develop” sensational news overnight.

If Messi coughs, it can be interpreted as unhappiness with the coach.

Let Ronaldo catch cold and it will be interpreted as he intentionally not wanting to play a particular game.

It is in the same line that some people have gone to press about Marcelo and Real Madrid. He purportedly is planning to move on to Juventus F.C.!

All of that came about as a result of his substitution in the team’s last game. No player likes to be substituted when he is enjoying the game and Marcelo naturally was not happy to taken off in that game but then does that mean he went on to tell some people that as a result of that action, he is leaving Real? I can bet my monthly earnings that Marcelo did not do that.

And of course, the player has come to correct that insinuation. In fact, he has gone to the extent of saying that he intends to retire at Real Madrid. He has assured fans that he plans to see out his career at Real Madrid, where he has won three successive Champions League titles and four in total since arriving from Fluminense in 2007. He went on to say:

“It’s an element which is hardly worth discussing. I’m very happy at Real Madrid, it’s my home and I’ve got many years left on my contract.”

“I’m very happy here, it’s the best club in the world and I always want to play for the very best. It’s good to talk about it because there are always rumours and it’s tough for me to have to continually show I want to be here and can play here. I always give it my best to be at the best club in the world.

“I just keep doing my job. I have to show what I can do every year. I enjoy every moment of playing for Real Madrid and naturally, I give it everything I’ve got. I do all I can to make sure the fans enjoy the football and that Madrid are always at the top, which is where they belong.

“I want to be at Madrid for many years. I’m very calm about it all and I want to continue at Real Madrid. Lots of people hide behind social media to spread ridiculous rumours and cause problems where they don’t exist. I’m as hungry as when I was 18 years old. I’ll be here until the end.”

All of that must surely be sweet news to the ears of the teeming fans of Real Madrid the world over.