I Accept The Apology From Chelsea – Jose Mourinho.

22nd October, 2018


That would have been the right word to describe the match between Chelsea and Manchester United if it had ended without any noticeable incidents be it on the field of play or off it. Good enough, the match lived up to expectations as the incidents did take place on and off the field of play.

It was not only dramatic during the match itself but even more at the very end of it. That was when Chelsea assistant coach Marco Ianni decided to celebrate Chelsea’s last minute equaliser in a very dramatic but provocative way.

As one would naturally expect, Jose Mourinho was not especially impressed by the behaviour of the Chelsea employee and it took the intervention of some Manchester United staff to stop him from going after the culprit.

Chelsea Manager, Maurizio Sarri immediately aplogised to Mourinho for the behaviour of his staff in order to calm the situation, then spoke with  Ianni after the incident and revealed he will do so again on Sunday when he will ask him to explain his actions.

Jose Mourinho who obviously was already in a bad mood following the last-minute denial of what would have been a famous three valuable points away from home, labelled the incident “bad education” on the part of Italian Ianni, who later apologised to the Portuguese for his behaviour.

Mourinho has in the mean time accepted the apologies. The following is what he had to say about the whole episode:

“So after the game he came to me to apologise, I accepted his apologies so (have) nothing more to say.
“Maurizio saw. Maurizio said he would take care of it internally, and to accept his apologies, which I did.

“But then the young fellow came, he also apologised and I told him ‘I accept your apology. I also did mistakes, especially when I was your age, and tried to improve’.

“(It was a)fantastic game with a fantastic result for Chelsea and an awful result for us.
“When you’re the best team, you want to win. If somebody tells me before the game ‘You go to Stamford Bridge, you’ll get a point’, you say ‘Okay, that’s good’. It’s so difficult to win at Stamford Bridge that for any team one point feels like a positive result.

“But we were so much in control, we were so much the best team in the second half, we clearly deserved to win. The Ander Herrera situation, I saw (he should have put) the ball in the net for 3-1, but that’s football, and that’s a bad result.”

Chelsea’s Manager, Maurizio Sarri confirmed he had apologised to Mourinho on behalf of Ianni and revealed his frustration over Chelsea dropping points after a promising start.

“After the match I spoke with Jose, and immediately I understood that we were wrong. I have spoken with the member of my staff, and I again spoke with Mourinho to say sorry to him.

“I want to speak to (Ianni) again (before I decide if there will be further repercussions), but I have dealt with the situation immediately. I have to speak to him again because I want to be sure that he’s able to understand that it was a big mistake.

“I will speak to him again (on Sunday). Now the situation is between me and the staff, face to face.”