Hugo Lloris speaks on his Drink Driving Arrest and the ManU game.

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29th August, 2018

He is the captain of Tottenam Hotspurs and a very important member of the team for years now. Just a few days to an all-important game against Manchester United, he is arrested by the Police for drink-driving offence.

Somehow, his manager still picks him to play in the match. And he delivered as usual with a very solid performance in goal for his team. They won the match convincingly.

By now, you must have guessed that we are talking about no other person than Hugo Lloris. And he has been talking about what transpired and a lot more.

The Spurs goalkeeper and captain says he was was relieved to beat Manchester United on Monday following a “tough week” in which he was charged with drink-driving by the Met Police following a routine patrol stop in central London on Friday.

Most people were sure that he was not going to be allowed to play the match against Manchester United but his team manager decided otherwise and was justified by the player’s impressive performance in the game which contributed in no small measure to his team’s victory in the game.

He was asked about the game and the arrest issue and this is what he had to say: 

“Yes, there are always some key moments in the season and I think this game came at the perfect time.

“It was a tough week, especially because of my mistake [his drink-driving charge] but I think the team showed [we are] strong.

“We showed again the togetherness in Tottenham and we made a great game against United. It is always a big challenge to come to Old Trafford to face United and this time we got the result that we wanted.”

He further went to add:

“It’s true [in] the last few years the club hasn’t won a lot, but it is a special place and even more with the new stadium, which is coming soon,” he said.

“We have a lot of talented players, a young team, a brilliant manager, one of the best in the world, with his staff. There is everything there to enjoy football and this is what we are going to try again this season. We are going to try to step up again all together.

“We know the Premier League is a big challenge because there are a lot of fantastic teams. It is very exciting to face that type of team and today we had a great answer as a team together.”


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