How “No Nonsense” Eric Cantona said “No To Racist Abuse” (Video)

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27th August, 2019

The issue of racist abuses in sports is generally not a new occurrence despite all efforts made so far by different people and organisations to put an end to it.

It is however taking a real terrible turn as people like Rashford  and Linggard get abuses from citizens of the country they are part of and represent in football competitions at the international level – England.

The risks of such happenings cannot be under-estimated as some of the victims may soon have to resort to “self-defence” of some sort if all of the efforts of football governing bodies such as the FIFA and EUFA seem not to be dissuading the culprits.

Let’s not forget in a hurry how some very notable footballers were forced to lose control of their composure in such situations and go for instant revenge – a situation that brought an unwanted dent in their hitherto solid football careers.

Some of such football greats included people like the  “no nonsense” Eric Cantona and of course, the respected Zinedine Zidane among many other football stars. On a lighter note,we bring you below the Eric Cantona reaction to one of such situations.

Have some fun watching the video clip.