Gay Man Saves A Woman From Being Raped.

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27th April, 2019

Yeah, things happen in today’s world. While you and I are busy criticising some men for being gay, some of them are actually doing “some good” albeit in some ‘weird ways” also. Our world of today is really better than Hollywood.

Can you imagine an intending rape case being prevented by another rape case? No? You better start imagining it because it has actually happened. An eye for an eye, you may want to call it. The fact is that this is a true story, no matter how absurd it looks like to you or me.

Now the waiting time is over. Let us delve into the real case as it happened.

In a case that can be described as that of instant karma, a rapist went from being the predator to being the prey. He was found trying to rape a woman but ended up being raped by another rapist.

A 51-year old man, who goes by the name James Preston was trying to rape a woman, whose name is unidentified, in Alaska a few days back, at around 1 a.m. He took her into an isolated place and before he could start, another man, Bernard Jones, came into the scene.

“First I believed he was gonna help me rape her. And I was telling him to come on and help me, because he was quiet, just looking at me with a weird look.”, said Preston to our reporter Gary Cockburn. He kept going: “Then he attacked me and told me to let her go. What happened next was literally a pain in the ass”.
The unidentified woman called the police as soon as she could and both men were found naked, trying to rape each other but Jones was winning the match.

They were both arrested and charged for rape, even though some people claim that Jones shouldn’t be arrested, as he was a hero.
“I only hope they put us in the same cell”, said Jones.

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