Frank Ribery Sends Arturo Vidal An Emotional “Good-Bye” Message As Vidal Moves To F.C. Barcelona.

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4th August, 2018

It is always nice to know that there are people who truly love their colleagues at work with all their heart. People who do so unconditionally no matter the place the other person comes from or his religion and so on.

This is exactly the situation that we stumbled upon just a few hours back as Bayern Munich star Frank Ribery posted a very touching message as a farewell one to Arturo Vidal as the latter moves to F.C. Barcelona from Bayern Munich F.C. in the next few days. 

Chile international Arturo Vidal, has been a team mate to Ribery since leaving Juventus for Bayern Munich in 2015. They have both been playing together at the Allianz Arena since then and have had a very successful time together as they won the Bundesliga title in each of their three seasons together in Germany.

However, what many of us did not know is how close both players were to one another. There were and are still close friends as we have now discovered. The photo you see above tells us a lot about this friendship.

This has further been buttressed by the message sent by Frank Ribery on Twitter as farewell to his good friend. We reproduce the message right here below for your consumption:

Franck Ribéry


Hermano no sabes a que punto te voy a echar de menos! Para mi eres el mejor, un hombre de valores y principios. Estoy muy orgulloso de haber jugado a tu lado! Te deseo lo mejor para tu futuro, eres un guerrero y eso se encuentra poco en nuestra profesión. 🙏🏼🇨🇱 @kingarturo23

The translation in English Language:

“Brother, you do not know how much I’m going to miss you! 

“For me you are the best, a man of values and principles. 

“I am very proud to have played by your side! 

“I wish you the best for your future, you are a warrior and that is rare in our profession.”

Isn’t that a really sweet farewell message?

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