Emre Can and others sympathise with Cristiano Ronaldo over red card issue.

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20th September, 2018

Words of sympathy continue to pour in for Cristiano Ronaldo from different corners as the Juve striker laments the red card issued to him yesterday in his team’s first group match against Valencia in this season’s EUFA Champions League Competition.

The latest to be recorded is that from Emre Can who has come out to defend Ronaldo and saying in his words that ” We are not women”

Ronaldo had gotten into a sort of tango with Jeison Murillo in an off the ball incident and after the Valencia defender fell to the ground, the Juve star appeared to have pulled at his hair.

The Juve striker then ended up with a straight red card from Referee Felix Brych who consulted with his assistants before taking the decision.

Ronaldo could not help but burst into tears as he realised what has just happened to him. It was not just a red card but his very first one in all the matches he had played in the EUFA Champions League Competition. What a pity!

A few people have however come out in the striker’s defence saying the decision was simply too harsh.

Emre Can for an example, after watching a video replay of the incidence, reportedly to DAZN:

 “That’s supposed to be a red?”

He then went on to add:

“I just heard he said it was because of hair pulling. We’re not women, we’re playing football.

“If you’re going to give a red for that, you can give a red for anything. It was 100 per cent not a red card.”

Another person who came out in support of the striker is his sister Katia Aveiro who took to Instagram to voice her displeasure at the decision, which ended the Portugal captain’s first Champions League appearance for Juve.

This is what she had to say:

“Shame on football. Justice will be done. They want to destroy my brother but God never sleeps. Shameful.”

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