Cristiano Ronaldo Unveiled At Juventus F.C.

17th July, 2018

“I’m here because it’s a brand new challenge for my career. It’s a big club and usually players of my age go to Qatar or to China, with all due respect, so coming to such an important and outstanding club at this point in my career makes me very happy. That’s why I’m very grateful to Juventus for this opportunity because I can go on with my career.”

Those were the words of World Soccer Star, Cristiano Ronaldo as he was finally unveiled as a player of the Juventus F.C. He went on to say; “The €100m move to the Serie A club was the only offer he received and that moving to Turin was ‘an easy decison’.”

Cristiano Ronaldo also said that he had chosen to move to Juventus instead of heading to the Middle or Far East like many other stars have recently done. According to him; “I’m here because it’s a brand new challenge for my career.” 

He went on to say that he is as ambitious as ever after completing his move to Juventus from Real Madrid. As far as he is concerned;