Cristiano Ronaldo flaunts his body in new summer collection

19th July, 2019

Cristiano Ronaldo flaunts bulge in sexy new underwear collection

Cristiano Ronaldo has launched his new High-Summer 2019 CR7 Underwear collection – and yes, he’s modelling every pair in the range

Cristiano Ronaldo Summer Underwear Collection

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, has launched his new High-Summer 2019 underwear collection and it’s full of bright colours that celebrates his eye-catching designs… and his package.

The football star has shown off his gym-honed body in the new range, and jumped at the chance of modelling all the pants himself.

“Summer is my favourite season and I love the time of day when the sun goes down and the sky is vivid,” he explained.

Cristiano Ronaldo poses in his new underwear collection (Image: Publicity Picture)
Ronaldo in tight white boxers (Image: Publicity Picture)

“I wanted to capture that feeling in my HS19 campaign, using intense colour that’s bold, rich and compliments my new collection. I wanted the campaign to have a really relaxed feel. Summer is the time of year when I have some time to chill out, so I wanted to reflect that.” he explains of the new collection.

Cristiano Ronalso poses for photo shoot in new underwear collection (Image: Publicity Picture)

 Super-fit Ronaldo, shows off his tight bum in a pair of white boxers in some super-seductive phtoos for the summer collection, along with another photo showing off his ripped abs in a pair of hot pink pants.

Ronaldo releases his new summer underwear (Image: Publicity Picture)

“I always want my underwear to have a unique twist, which is where the playful use if colour comes in. Essentially, I want to create underwear that looks so good that I want to wear it on the beach, rather that covering it up with my swimwear,” he added.

You may just spot Cristiano walking around in his pants this summer.

Culled from Mirror.

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