Corona Virus Takes Its Toll On Football

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5th March, 2020

As was to be expected as a result of the high casualty rate of the Corona Virus outbreak in Italy, it was just a matter of time before sporting activities especially football was to be affected.

As it stands right now, a government decree has ruled that all sporting events, including matches in Serie A, will now be played behind closed doors until April 3 as a result of the corona virus outbreak. 

The virus is continuing to spread across Italy, with the number of cases in the country continuing to increase by the day.

Italy has already become the worst affected European country, and precautionary measures are continuing to be taken in order to prevent further outbreaks.

A number of games in ​Serie A have been postponed or played behind closed doors in recent weeks as a result of the virus. Italy’s Minister of Sports Vincenzo Spadafora confirmed that six league games on match day 26 played in the areas affected by the corona virus will go ahead, but behind closed doors. However, five of these matches were later ​cancelled at the last minute due to growing fears. 

​It’s not been confirmed (via Football Italia) that all sporting events, including Serie A matches, will be played behind closed doors until April 3. This covers all areas, and not just the ones that have been affected by the virus. Clubs are also responsible for making ‘regular checks’ to ensure none of their athletes or staff have the corona virus.

Moreover, the report states that it is ‘almost certain’ the matches that weren’t played on game week 26 will now be played instead of the fixtures that are due to be played on game week 27. It was ​recently revealed that each game week will be pushed back to the following weekend, with a midweek round inserted on May 13.

As a result, ​Juventus’ top of the table clash with ​Inter will be played on Monday 9 March. 

It was ​recently proposed that all public events in Italy should be avoided and subsequently halted for the next 30 days, including football as a result of the corona virus. While this may not be happening, they have now opted instead to continue all sporting activities, but without a crowd. 

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