Chelsea Manager Sarri Gives David Luiz a “Thumbs Up”.

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1st October, 2018.

Under former Chelsea manager Conte, he was rusticated from the first team and made redundant to the extent that he was consequently overlooked by his country’s national soccer team manager for the 2018 World Cup Competition in Russia. By now, I am sure you know who we are talking about – Chelsea’s reliable defender, David Luiz.

Now under a new manager in the person of Maurizo Sarri, the Brazillian international has been rejuvenated and is back to his normal solid form in the heart of the Chelsea defence, a situation that has resulted in the team confidently attacking from that very position as dictated by the new manager’s style of play.

That naturally has brought a lot of praise for the player coming from from his coach who has gone on to say that “David Luiz can play his way of football” and went on to add that the player has surprised him as a “player and a man”.

It is note-worthy that Luiz has been a vital part of the team’s defence this term, and has played in all seven of Chelsea’s Premier League fixtures, including the 1-1 draw at home to Liverpool.

The new manager has come out to praise the 31-year-old’s ability especially as he was set to leave the club before the change of the team’s leadership.

Maurizio Sarri went to to say the following about David Luiz: 

“He is much better than I thought before [I arrived].”  “Much better, as a player and a man.”

“I don’t know what happened before but when I arrived immediately I had a feeling he is a very good player for my way of football as he is a very technical centre-back.

“I appreciate very much the man as he is direct. If he has to say something to me, he does that.”

“I like direct people. Very much.

“He was a little confused as two seasons ago he was a protagonist but then came six months without playing. So he was a little confused.

“I think he is very able to play my way with his characteristics. He is very technical and understands the action of the defensive line very much.”


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