Cameroonian Authorities Nab Four Soldiers Allegedly Involved In Shooting Women And Children

20th July, 2018

The Cameroonian Authorities have arrested four of the soldiers suspected of recently shooting dead two women and two children in the country’s far north where the army is fighting the jihadist group called Boko Haram.

It will be recalled that a video of some Cameroonian soldiers summarily executing some women and children surfaced on the internet last week thereby provoking an international outcry against the act. The video has since gone very viral on the Social Media.

The video has however now been described as “fake news” by a Government spokesman, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, who said that the men in the video (who were wearing military fatigues) did not look like Cameroonian soldiers. He however also said that the government is investigating the matter.

An Army Officer who pleaded anonymity had this to say; 

“Four soldiers were arrested on Sunday. They are suspected of being the authors of the executions in the video. Three of the suspects have been moved to the capital Yaounde while the fourth was still being held in Maroua, the capital of the Far North.”

The video footage in question showed two women, one with an child strapped to her back, being led across a patch of dusty road by a group of uniformed men, who accused them of belonging to the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram.

The women were then blindfolded and told to sit down alongside their children. Moments later, two men step back, level their rifles and fire a series of rounds.

Meanwhile, the Amnesty International said last week that it had enough credible evidence that the men in the video were actually Cameroonian soldiers based on an analysis of their weapons, speech and uniforms.