British Premier League Takes Over European Football World As Chelsea And Arsenal Romp Into Euro League Final.

10th May, 2019

This time around, it is an indisputable fact that football has come home to Britain. The British Premier League can finally beat its chest that it has taken over the reigns of European football. The League had never had it so good in the Continental Competitions as it has now.

This is so as a result of the fact that the finals of both the European Champions League and that of the European League Competitions will be contested by four Premier League teams this year. That has never happened before now.

All of that has been made possible by Thursday’s qualification for the finals by both Arsenal and Chelsea respectively.

Before them, Liverpool and Tottenham “came back from the dead” when they defeated Barcelona and Ajax respectively after both came back from 0-3 scores to defeat their opponents.

Britain surely cannot ask for more from its football teams this year. As a matter of fact, the only thing the nation can ask for is to request for the finals of both competitions to be shifted to the Wembley Stadium.