Breaking News – Liverpool F.C. Agree Fee For Goalkeeper Alisson With Roma

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18th July, 2018

F.C. Liverpool has finally agreed terms with Italian club AS Roma to secure the services of their Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker for a reported record sum of £67m (the highest so far for a goalkeeper) according to very reliable reports reaching us.

As it stands right now, Roma have given permission for their goalkeeper Alisson to go into negotiations with the F.C. Liverpool about moving to  the Merseyside.

This has come as no surprise to many people especially the teeming fans of Liverpool F.C. who just cannot forget in a hurry how their present goalkeeper cost them the last Champions’ League Final Match as he made two very serious blunders thereby making it easy for their opponents, Real Madrid to coast home to victory and win that much-coveted cup.

Like many people believe, this present signing is Liverpool’s own way of exorcising the ghost of that Cup Final Match which seemed to have continued to haunt the team since then.

Liverpool has had to move quickly to secure the services of the goalkeeper since it is a well known fact that F.C. Chelsea and Real Madrid have also been making inquiries about the shot stopper’s availability in the transfer market.

Liverpool had made an initial offer of £62million, which when broken down implies £53million up front and £9million in add-ons. 

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