Barcelona Dispatches RCD Espanyol 2-0. Can Messi Ever Stop Scoring?

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30th March, 2019

Barcelona F.C. played hosts to RCD Espanyol on Saturday evening and defeated the visitors by two unreplied goals. Who scored both goals? Of course, that is not so difficult to guess, right? Yea, that same guy defenders love to hate – Lionel Messi. Can this guy ever stop scoring crucial goals for Barcelona?

When the Barcelona President said a few weeks back that life after Lionel Messi at Barcelona is difficult to imagine, some people may have taken that statement with a pinch of salt. The majority at the club and in Spain as well as elsewhere however know that the President was saying the minds of many Barca fans.

With the way things are going, I honestly hope that someone will not come up with the idea of cloning this soccer wizard one of these days.

It is simply too obvious how ordinary the Barca team looks like when Messi is not on the pitch. Even sometimes, all his colleagues need to boost their play is knowing that the guy is at least on the reserve bench.

It is not just at Barcelona. Make a simple analysis of Argentina’s match results and you will find out that the games they play without Messi are simply nothing to write home about.  But for the wastefulness of Argentina’s strikers, the team would have won the COPA America and the World Cup a good number of times in the years the Barca captain has been in the team.

His frustration on this issue was very clear to be seen as he decided to play in the Argentinian attack at the last World Cup. That however did not work as expected for a very simple reason. Messi plays best in the midfield coming from the deep and displacing defenders with his short speed playing style. Aside from that, no one could feed the ball to him from the midfield the way he does for his team mates.

Honestly speaking, I worry for Barcelona if Lionel Messi decides to retire from football any time soon. That must have to happen some day sometime though. He cannot play football forever. He is just as human as you and I. He is subject to the law of nature like everyone other human being.

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