Ajax “Axes” Juventus In Turin 2-1! Unbelievable But True.

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16th April, 2019

How are the mighty fallen! Very few people could have predicted what happened in Turin in the match between Juventus and Ajax on Tuesday night in the second leg of the quarter-final match of the Champions League as the youngsters from Amsterdam scored a historic 1-2 victory over their more established hosts right in their own backyard!

Of course, the first leg had ended in a 1-1 draw in the Netherlands and most football pundits had given the return leg result to the “Old Lady” from Turin.

Rightly too. After all, they are the more experienced of the two sides, played in the competition’s semi-finals last year and now has a Ronaldo in the team. But then the lads from Amsterdam had their own thoughts and came, saw, played and won against all odds!

The game had started as expected with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring the first goal of the game for the hosts in the 28th minute.

But then came a Donny van de Beek who jolted everyone at the stadium and viewing centers all over the world back to reality with an unexpected equaliser just six minutes later.

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Then came a worse shocker as Matthijs de Ligt scored another goal for the visitors in the 67th minute.

Even at this stage, most people believed in a come-back for the Italian giants but it was not to be as the Ajax youngsters held on for a very memorable victory away from home.

Whichever team they play in the semi-finals will surely have this victory at the back of their minds as they prepare to face these youngsters who have surely won a lot of respect for themselves in the soccer world with this fantastic display of bravery.

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