About Us

Uneekomunikations is a website dedicated to the service of humanity in forms of breaking news, business tips, health tips and entertainment generally. This includes breaking news from everywhere we find them on the globe, entertainment in forms of Photo Comedy, Video Comedy, Cartoons, Inspirational Photos and Quotes, Humor, Jokes and related stuff so as to reduce the daily stress our visitors go through at work and home. We also do provide some Health Tips that we find very useful and accurate from various sources. Business Tips are not left as we know that our visitors will not mind making some cool legitimate money on the side also.

Over the years, we have tried various ways to balance our output on the net so as to be more efficient at doing all of the above. This made it necessary to experiment with various forms of web pages (shared and self-hosted) especially with the entertainment segment of the website.

At various times, our entertainment arm known as Cumedy Hut had different pages – cumedyhut.wordpress, cumedyhut.com, and cumedyhut.uneekomunikations.com.

Please note that they all emanated from the same company (Uneekomunikations) and were never and are not different websites. Presently, that website stands as https://cumedyhut.uneekomunikations.com/wp. This is so because we found out after all the experimentation, that it is better to have everything under one umbrella.

We are now at a stage where we can serve our visitors more coherently and really hope you enjoy our services to the fullest.

Please feel free to get in touch with us at any time with your contributions, observations and suggestions by using our Contact Us Page.