A very brave and intelligent Sex Worker Highlights Her Other Achievements

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11th November, 2019

She has been labelled as sex worker everywhere before now. No one cared about other aspects of her life as usual since they were only interested in destroying her image.

Unfortunately for them, Madison Bradley is not exactly one of those soft targets that runs into hiding when such things happen and so she has taken to the social media to hit back at haters by telling them who she really is – a lady of many parts as well as a very intelligent one at that.

She also pointed out a very important fact to the haters – She has her life to live and that is no other person’s business. She has taken to popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter to list her . achievements.

The 22-year-old lady who did not deny being a sex worker also advised people to stop labeling her as only a sex worker.

Bradley went on to list her achievements so as to let people know what else she does and what she has done in the past.

“I am a sex worker. I also am a Deans List double business major at one of the most prominent schools in my state.

“I’m also a published (3x) author. I’ve worked 80+ hours a week while in school full time for 6 years. Women are multifaceted and I’m tired of everyone limiting us.

“I’ve been offered positions with the FBI. I interned at one of the top 5 pharma companies in the US AND was asked back.

“I mentor children who want to purse the same career as me. I don’t have to explain my accomplishments, but I’m tired of being put in a box under ONE LABEL!

“Most importantly, i am a loving fiancé. A compassionate sister. A forgiving daughter. A generous and caring aunt.

“When you know who you are- nobody can put you down. Don’t ever let someone try to push their insecurities on you. Keep loving yourself. Keep being you!”

Anyone out there who is still interested in casting the first stone?

People should learn to mind their own dirty business and leave others alone.

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