A Bad Day At The Office For Manchester United As Brighton Wins 3-2.

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19th August, 2018

It was so unexpected. So devastating. But also very well deserved. For everyone who watched the game between Brighton and Manchester United this afternoon, it was very clear that the team that had more hunger for success won the game. There is no better way to put it, friends.

The Manchester United players went in to this game as if it was already awarded to them and they were on the field just for formality sake.

The way they played in that first half would have easily earned them dozens of goals if they had better opponents playing against them. Very lackadaisical and lazy. One was not sure what exactly they wanted the Brighton players to do in return. Fall down and give up the match?

Meanwhile in contrast to ManU, the home team were the ones who went into the game plagued by injuries and the rest of negative issues fitness wise.

It was therefore a real surprise to all and sundry who watched that particular first half that the home team were the ones actually doing all the playing.

As if the ManU players were trying to prove a point in the direction of “score first and then we will take you to the cleaners”.

Score the home team actually did.

Not just first but twice before ManU scrambled in a goal. And then, Bailly lackadaisically gave away a penalty and the game was suddenly out of United’s hands completely. Their second goal late into the second half was as a result of a disputed penalty.

Of course the ManU players had come back from the half time break a more serious team now looking for a remedy to the situation on their hands with Manager Mourinho having made two immediate changes replacing  Andreas Pereira and Huan Mata with Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard.

But the damage was too far done and the team was already too desperate for goals to play a cohesive game.

This was surely not the kind of display ardent Manchester United fans are used to seeing from their darling team and it will take some time for them all to be able to properly absorb what they witnessed in the course of this afternoon’s game.

What next for the team shall surely be better understood in the coming days considering the fact that Mourinho is not likely to let this go without serious repercussion on the erring players.

Manchester United’s next premier league match will be played at home against Tottenham Hotspurs and they surely dare not not play half as bad as they did today without taking a good hiding at the Old Trafford for sure.

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