3 simple ways to making $10 daily to $300 monthly with your website.

30th May, 2018

If you are a website owner or a blogger looking for ways to make some money through your website or blog, then this post is for you.

It is about one of the various ways some people use to make money as they blog. Please go through the steps carefully and ensure you understand each stage before carrying them out. They are actually simple steps but need proper execution with little or no errors.

Those who know these secrets hardly ever let them out as they will rather sell series of e books on the topic. Anyway, for those who are serious about making money online, I have decided to expose this line of doing so to you today.

I will be going straight to the point.
Right here right now, I will be showing you how to make a minimum of $10 daily and $300 monthly in just 3 simple steps.

STEP 1>> You must have a blog, it does not have to be a complex blog, even a free blog is good to go. If u do not have a blog already, open a free blog, if you do not know how to do so, simply ask. 

STEP 2>> You will monetize your blog. I will show u how to monetize even a 1 day old blog. Stop stressing yourselves on AdSense which never pays well.

STEP 3>> I will show u how to drive thousands of traffic daily to your blog or website just by clicking a few buttons.


STEP 1>> Get your blogs ready, am sure if you are reading this, you either already have a blog or at least you have an idea of what a blog is. If you already have a blog, CONGRATULATIONS, you are done with “Step 1”. If you do not have a blog, get one right away, even if it is a free blog, you can earn with it. Simply go to Blogger or WordPress to get a free blog right away.

There are different types of blog niches such as;
Heath blog, News blog, Fitness blog, Music download blog, Movie or Software download blogs and so many other niches.

For those who are a bit techy, I recommend music, movie or software download niche as u can make minimum of $1,000 monthly from them but if you are not so techy, go for other niches you have understanding about as you will still make money with them too .

If you are done with STEP 1, let us move on to Step 2.

•••••••STEP 2•••••••

Step 2>> AdSense and affiliate marketing are methods of monetizing blogs but these methods take a long time before yielding anything, so the best option is going for monetization methods that pay you simply based on direct traffic that you bring to them right away.

What this simply means is that if you drive traffic to them today, you get paid for it. You don’t need your visitors to buy anything or hoping they click on the ads you display on your blog.

So what type of monetization is this? It is simply a method some of you might have heard of before which is monetizing links through companies that shrink urls. You can make money with this if done rightly but if you do not know the tactics, you will simply try and get discouraged once again. So please make sure to follow each step I explain here properly.

Do not be quick to just rush things as the success of this business is based on 2 things which are :- 

1) Choosing the right company to work with. There are a lot of companies out there that do not pay. You will accumulate money and when it is time to get paid, they blacklist you. I will be sharing with you 3 genuine companies below, so worry not.

2) How you make use of these companies: Many of them will ask you to promote your links on Facebook and other social media, but that will be a wrong step as it will yield no profitable result That is why you must know the tactics on how to use these sites to make money.

I know some of you might be confused now but do not worry, I plan showing you guys each step, and so for we to move over to how to use these sites and how to bring in massive traffic, first of all register with these 3 legitimate websites below. Click on each one and register with them.

Company One

Company Two

Company Three

  • •••••STEP 2 Continuation•••••••
    I believe that at this stage, everyone has registered with the above companies and so we move to what is next which is CONTENT. You cannot make money on your blog without having good posts on it – interesting post, captivating post, something people want to read.

    I know everyone’s blog here will probably be of different niches but the tactics we will be using to monetize is the same. I will try my best to summarize this process because elaborating on them will take a lot of time and we might not get done with this on time.

  • So straight to business.
  • You need a minimum of 10 blog posts to start because you will be monetizing the links within your blog and if you do not have as much post, you cannot achieve that.

    You have registered with 3 monetizing companies and each pay between $2 to $15 per 1,000 visitors depending on your visitor’s location but from my experience, bringing Nigerian visitors gives you about $3.5 for 1,000 visitors while having traffic from the US or UK can earn you as much as $15 for 1,000 views.

Assuming that we get all our traffic from Nigeria, that means you will earn $3.5 for every 1,000 views of those who click on your shrink link, that means working with these 3 trusted companies will give you $3.5 × 3 companies = $10.5 dollar for just 1,000 views daily. You can earn much more than that with even higher views.

And I am sure you guys will be able to achieve this with the traffic method I will be sharing with you all. I am sure you can surpass even the 1,000 daily views. I will not go into deep details about url shrinking as I expect all of you who registered with those companies will by now have understood how to shrink urls.

So to the method we will be using.

Let us assume we want to monetize a blog that teaches people “How to make money”. On this blog, let us assume that we have as much as 10 posts on it with each of the post explaining different ways of making money. For example, Post 1 is “How to make money with Affiliate Marketing and Post 2 is ” How to earn money quickly with Amazon” and the other posts on the blog are equally captivating ones. What then do you do next?

Simply copy the link of each post and shrink it randomly with the 3 companies you have registered with, and after doing this, go back to your blog and link each of your post to one another using the shrunk links. 

EXAMPLE: When someone comes to your blog to read “How to make money with Affiliate marketing” in between your blog post, Insert one of the shrunk links with a caption “You can also read “How to earn quickly with Amazon here”. There is a high probability that whoever came to read how to make money on your blog will click other links that can help them achieve their aim on your blog.

Do not just insert the link in between your post, you should also add 2 other links at the end of your blog post which also leads them to 2 other very captivating posts on your blog. This way you will have 3 links on each of your post directing visitors to your other blog post and as people click from one post to the other on your blog, you will be making money.

NOTE: For those who do not know how to link a post to the other on their blog should ask how through the comments box below.

Now that we have done all of the above, as you drive traffic to your blog when your visitors click different links in your blog post, you get paid from the monetization companies that you registered with above. This process is very easy. It may seem complex for new bloggers but when you study it well, you will be raking in lots of money. Besides, feel free to ask questions in the comments box below whenever you get stuck.

Now to the most important step of this tutorial which is TRAFFIC.

No matter how good your post are or how many monetization methods you use, If you do not drive traffic to your blog, you will not make a dime.


Traffic is the most important aspect of making money through blogging. If you make the best blog post or you have the best designed blog, but no one is coming to your blog, you will make zero money. So how then do we get traffic? Simply by targeting the right Audience.

Some people share their blogs to their Facebook friends and funny enough, over 99% of those on their friend list may not be interested in what their blog is about and so they end up getting not a single visitor which brings discouragement. So to avoid this, simply target the group of people who are interested in your topic. How do you do this ?

For example, if your blog is about “WEIGHT LOSS”, simply target a huge audience who are all interested in losing weight and watch how a good number of them will feast on what you have to offer to them.

There are uncountable ways of driving traffic to blog but we will be focusing on one that brings instant traffic. I will explain this process step by step and summarize as much as possible. Feel free to ask questions where needed through the comments box.

STEP 1- Open a Facebook Fan page with your blog name. 

STEP 2- Go on facebook and search for keywords that your blog is about and join 5 facebook groups related to your niche which has nothing less than 100 000 members each.

 For example, if you are a weight loss blogger, simply search for weight loss groups and join at least 5 groups that have nothing less than 100 000 members each.

STEP 3- Make sure every blog post you make on your blog has a captivating picture. The reason for this will be explained below.

STEP 4- Post the link of the blog post you want to promote on your facebook page. Now, the picture you used in step 3 will display boldly along with your link on your page.

STEP 5- From your facebook page, share the post you wish to promote to the 5 groups that have massive members. Like I said earlier, make sure the group focuses on what your blog is about. 

NOTE: You can post your blog link directly to those facebook groups but know that people trust more when a page posts a link than when an individual posts a link. This will make more people click your link.

Now let us do the calculations.

Let us assume each of the groups has 100 000 members each, 5 groups will make it 500 000 people.

If just 5% of 500 000 people click your link, that will be 25 000 visitors to your blog instantly. Now let us assume instead of 5%, just 1% of 500 000 people click your link. That will be instant 5 000 visitors to your blog. This is really amazing when you try it.

So what are we waiting for? Go over to your blog and make a post right away, follow the instructions just as I have explained, then after 24 hours, go and check your traffic stats on your blog, and you will be surprised to see thousands of views.

Do this daily for each post you want to promote and get thousands of visitors to your blog daily. You will be amazed how much you will be making with the monetization strategy explained in STEP 2.

See you at the very top soon.