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23rd August, 2020.

Today was a day that the European Football Association has every right to celebrate. It was a day painted in EURO Colours.

A day that just a few months’ back was looking bleak and unlikely. Only the die-hard football supporters could have imagined that this year’s European Champions’League would be concluded successfully.

No thanks to “Uncle COVID-19” Pandemic’s activities and devastating effects on many European countries, especially Italy, Spain and France.

Thanks to the cool-headed doggedness of the intelligent people heading the European Football Association, the competitions under it went on, even though not as planned.

The EURO League was successfully concluded with perennial winners, Sevilla winning the cup just two days back when they defeated highly rated Inter Milan in the final game by 3-2.

The tip of the Iceberg took place today as the European Champions’ League was concluded in a final match between Paris St. Germain and Bayern Munich. The German team won the game by a lone goal.

That was the only normal thing about the game.

This was a game in which many soccer analysts were put to shame. A game in which the betting companies wet home smiling while their customers were left biting their nails (toe nails inclusive!).

Which normal human being would have forecast such a game between two heavy attacking sides to end in a solitary 0-1 result? No goal/goal, not even an over 1.5 result talk less of half time over 0.5?

What a crazy game it was for most betting customers! And a sleepless one at that for some 95% of those who placed bets on this thrilling game.

And that  was not as a result of the teams not playing to expectations. The game was as interesting as expected from the beginning to the end. The fire-works were there. But the goal-keepers decided to show their real quality on the night.

Neymar had the right to shed tears of sorrow at the end of the game as one “wicked” Neurer ensured that he did not score especially in the first half of the game even when there was a one on one situation!.

What about Keylor Navas at the other end? He showed why he is the number one at the PSG goal posts as he kept away all the goal bound kicks from Bayern until a certain Kingsley Coman drove in a thunderbolt kind of a header to decide the tie!

What a befitting game for the final of this year’s European Champions’ League Competition! Both teams should really be proud of themselves. They gave this game their all.

Congratulations to Bayern Munich for achieving their long awaited triumph at this level of European Football and equal congratulations to Paris St. Germain for being worthy competitors in this year’s competition and for making its finals for the very first time in their history.

Neymar Junior should not shed tears for too long. He has shown why it was necessary for him to leave F.C. Barcelona to achieve his dreams.

It is quite unfortunate that there will be no Balon D’Or this year. Who knows what would have happened?

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