A Lucky Nigerian who escaped from

the "Libyan Desert Hell" through the help of

the United Nations Migration Services.


It is no longer news that many of our African brothers and sisters have of recent been paying their way into slavery and in some cases, even death through drowning all in the name of trying to escape poverty by shifting their base to Europe at all costs.
The stories have been so harrowing to the extent that the ones repatriated back to their home countries have confessed how lucky they are to be alive today.

Reproduced below are some of the narratives;

 “There is too much suffering in Libya; we were treated worse than animals by the Libyans who showed no mercy to the blacks especially Nigerians. I paid over N1million to a Nigerian agent to facilitate my crossing from Libya to Italy before I was arrested and jailed for six months. Life in Libya prison is hellish and I will not wish my worst enemy to travel to Libya.”

The words above are those of Mrs Francis, who is from Orhionmwon local government area of Edo State (pictured here arriving back in Nigeria with help from the United Nations).

She gave birth to a baby boy while she was at the United Nations camp in Libya before her deportation to Nigeria.
She disclosed that before she left Nigeria in October, 2016, she was involved in buying and selling, and added that her husband was still in Libya.

I pray that her her husband also gets rescued and flown back home.


Nigerians and their friends living Legally in Europe.





The question now is “What if people like her had the right information on how to get to Europe legally without having to take the kind of risks they took and possibly for a lesser amount of money?”

Would they have preferred to undertake such a risky journey? I am sure as you are that the answer to that question would be an emphatic No.

What if they knew for an example that they can actually leave the shores of their countries already armed with a “One Year Valid Entry Visa” into a European country before leaving the shores of their own country?

Their case would surely have been totally different from that of those who took the Libyan route and the photo on the left above would have been looking instead like the one to our left here.

The difference between the people in these two photos is the “power of correct information”.

Well for you who is reading through this article, you can consider yourself lucky as you are about to get powerful information that would make your own journey into Europe not only less stressful but also very Legal.

Please put on your Seat Belts as we prepare to take off on this flight.







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In this well organized and easy to understand e-book, you will have access to a realistic and practical means of travelling to Europe from Nigeria without the type of stress attached to what has been happening to our people who have been taking the desert/sea route.

I am talking here about information that some informed Nigerians have been quietly using for sometime now to get themselves into Europe without much stress.
The information in this e-book include the following tips:

* What documents you actually need to make it to Europe and how to get them easily.

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* How to move around freely and legally from one European country to another without any fear whatsoever.

* How to legally extend your One-Year Visa right there in Europe before it expires.

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These and a whole lot more are fully explained in this ultimately compiled e-book.



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